Thursday, 31 January 2019

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

So we say goodbye to January (is it just me or does that month feel like it lasts foreverrrr?) and Hello to the month of lurvvv. To those who hate Valentine's, I apologise .. but, like it or not, it's on its way..

Dear guys, 
Whether you are a fan or not.. best believe your misses is and, even if she says she isn't, she IS bothered..

And yes, every gal loves flowers and chocolates but sometimes it can feel a little cliche. So here's some unique gift ideas guaranteed to score you some brownie points! 

- Don't worry girls, I got you -

1. Doughnut Bouquet


There's two types of girls in the world. Those who prefer flowers and those who prefer doughnuts..Hmmm, it's a toughy (lol joke, gimme all the doughnuts). But seriously, what says I love you better than these? I literally donut know (hehe)

2. 52 Date Night Cards


How cute are these? 52 cards, 1 date for each week to last the whole year. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving! Such a perfect excuse to make more memories together. Oh, & they can be personalised too!

3. Personalised Dog On Socks

Dog lovers rejoice! Okok, so not quite your typical romantic present but c'mon, a smile is priceless!

4. Personalised Hand Poured Candle 

So I'm a sucker for a candle and woodwick ones are my ultimate fave! Not only can you personalise this baby but you can also pick the scent. Personally, Orange & Honey sounds like a dreaammmm but see the full list on the website (link above).

5. 100 Places Scratch Off Poster

Love to travel together? I present you the perfect jet-setting challenge. With 100 places all over the world you best get planning!

6. Personalised Pull Out Photo Album

Simple & sweet! Select 5 or 7 of your fave snaps for the perfect lil gift.. Would look super cute hanging on the wall don't you think? 

7. Personalised Hang It Photo Display

What's your favourite memory together? Maybe it's a concert, a festival or even a holiday. Well, peg it up with a few of your best photos/tickets/keepsakes and voila! A very thoughtful, personal gift that she just can't not love! 

8. The Pamper Box

Carefully sourced by independent British producers, this gift set contains everything she needs for a relaxing, luxurious night in. Dunno about you but I could do with a bitta this right now..

So there we have it! Ladies, feel free to send this on to your partner for a lil hint hint, nudge nudge annndddd I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day full of lotsa love & chocolate! :) 


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