Sunday, 29 July 2018

Sustainable Style With Adrenna

Happy Sunday lovelies! 
I'm currently tucked up in bed, windows open, listening to the rain and breathing in the fresh smell that accompanies it - my idea of a perfect morning set-up. Well, without the breakfast in bed..does anyone fancy delivering me pancakes? 
So yeah, that rain smell that I loveeee.. I googled it - it's a thing (I'm not crazy) -  "Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil." See! I actually welcome the rain right now, mainly because my plans today are to do sweet fa, BUT if it could kindly piss off for Thursday (I'm going to Thorpe Park) that would be most lovely.

So anyway.. who else loves my power-ranger'esque two-piece? As a kid I always wanted to be the pink one (lol, was this just me?) thank you Adrenna for making my childhood dreams a reality. Ok, so I'm not quite a superhero *adult reality hits* but when you're wearing something that looks good and sustainable - you can at least pretend for a second or two! 

That's right, although it may look pink, this lil outfit is in fact completely green! As well as being environmentally conscious without sacrificing style, each piece is made-to-order using quality fabrics from Italy. 

You can also have a say in your own design, just choose your colour combo and features and voila! I went for the Fuchsia, having nothing like it already and well, it was a no-brainer to add pockets in the leggings - super handy for your phone. I've also got my eye on the black set.. you can never have enough black in your wardrobe! 

If I'm being completely honest with you guys, I am and always have been a 'shopaholic'! I had never spared a single thought to the effect the retail industry has on the world. So when I did, it really surprised me to learn that the mass-production of clothes makes this industry the second most polluting, after oil. Adrenna tackle this ordeal with their made-to-order concept, ensuring that no waste is produced and preventing mass-production.  They also use non-toxic dyes in and produce locally to minimise carbon emissions. For any more info on Adrenna and their work towards sustainability, including a peak at their collection, click here.

If, like me, you find the whole sustainability idea slightly overwhelming (I wouldn't even know where to start!) One of my closest friends (Hey Zar! is a Sustainability Consultant - sounds pretty fancy eh - and she has given me 5 tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle: 

1. Find your cause
As there are so many environmental and social issues to be aware of and we can’t always address them all, figure out which are most important to you. You can then support the companies that address the causes closest to your heart.

2. Do your research
When there’s a piece you want to purchase, research options with a lower environmental footprint or a positive impact of the people throughout the supply chain. 

If waste is your cause, seek a product made from waste materials, one that can be recycled or reused after your use or one made-to-order like Adrenna to minimise production waste. If it’s employment conditions, look for a company that is transparent about its operations and how employees are treated. 

3. Think long-term
When shopping, think about whether the piece you’re contemplating will last you through time and trend. Is this high quality? Do you want it just because it’s “in” right now? Will you still want to wear it in 6 months time? Follow Livia Firth’s #30wears rule for fashion and ask yourself would you wear it at least 30 times. If not, put it back on the rack...

4. Share,  swap and rent
Save storage space at home and share, swap or rent, from fashion to furniture. If it’s something you won’t need on a daily basis, like an occasion dress or a lawn mower, figure out whether it’s something you can borrow from friends, family or neighbours. This will save you space and money, plus it’s provides a perfect opportunity to keep connected with the people around you. 

5. Carry reusables

Avoid single-use carriers and bring tote bags, water bottles*, coffee cups and so on with you in your bag. These simple and easy actions reduce your environmental footprint and save you money too!

*I am on the hunt for a reusable replacement to my plastic bottle (seen in the shots) as we speak.. :)

Now, I can't promise that I will stop buying clothes.. lets be realistic! But, I can say that I will be more mindful about who I am buying from and whether I NEED the item or if its just an impulse buy. Small steps lead to big changes, after all - (ok, I may have completely made that up but hey, it sounds pretty good!)

Anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling now .. aka, Love Island is starting :D
 But whether you're into wearing sustainable clothing and buying from conscious brands, or simply love to feel good whilst working out - have a little look Adrenna's way!



Thursday, 5 July 2018

A Day In Havana

"Havana, oo na-na" .. ok, that had to make an appearance sooner or later. Tick, let's move on! 

Yay, I've finally got around to writing this up for you guys! For those of you who follow my Insta you'll know that I recently went on holiday to Cuba. First things first, Varadero is where you wanna be for that relaxing beach holiday - think white sands, clear blue sea.. dreamy right? Well, the only downside is that it is a good 2 hour drive from the capital - Havana (I knew I took Geography for a reason -lols). As soon as we booked the holiday I was so excited to see Havana and the 50's vintage American cars that this wasn't really a deal breaker for me. Queue Havana photos:
Any of these will do!
Yep, that is a Dachshund wearing glasses (hehe)
 Havana is the political capital - full of history, colonial ruins and museums. All that being said..if you're after a historic run-down on why that was built, who lived there..then I'm not ya girl. My priorities stem from food, picturesque cobble streets.. and, well food. So huge apologies to our tour guide who dished out so much info.. it did really just go in one ear and out the other (oops). 

That aside, I fell in love with the character and culture of this city - it really is nothing like I've seen before. The crumbling, colourful buildings and vintage cars made me feel like I had time-warped to another era. You can easily spend hours strolling the streets, brought alive by the music of the Cuban buskers. This is also where you will find many of Hemingway's famous spots - one of which we popped in for a lil visit.

Say Hello to Hotel Ambos Mundos -
The views from the roof terrace
 Keith in that tropical shirt tho #WhenInCuba
That awkward 'my skirt just blew up and I flashed my buttocks to everyone' look

Ok ok, I hold my hands up.. I didn't put this on the 'to-visit list' because Hemingway stayed here - I was already sold at rooftop bar and cocktails! And if cocktails aren't really your thing - a) are you ok? and b) not to worry, the view itself is worth a visit alone. I'm still a bit sad that I didn't go for a Pina, I've heard they come in coconuts and, lets be honest, even if they are horrible - you got yaself a coconut for a cute pic #WinWin. I did, however, go for a Mojito..
Ok, so it weren't as 'instagrammable' but it was definitely refreshing. I was kinda put off a bit by how much sugar they used though *. I know I know, I'm cringing at myself even  saying  typing it. Yes, it's a cocktail and I'm on holiday and all that jazz but I get more than my daily allowance in ice cream as it is so.. more rum less sugar please :)

*note to self: don't watch your cocktails being made

If I'm being totally honest - I don't feel like I saw (ate) all that Havana has to offer.. I was unfortunately ill for pretty much the entire holiday *cries inside* so I couldn't take full advantage of the cocktail menus and glorious food as much as I would have liked to - which, lets be honest, is one of  the best thing about holidays. So, as much as I would love to sit here and recommend the best ice cream parlours, cocktail bars and brunch spots - I can't, I'm sorry </3

I can, however, recommend Restaurante La Casa - a cute lil family run restaurant which has been quite the popular spot for celebrities. I mean if it's good enough for Jude Law..
Sadly, he wasn't at the table next to us (that's my night ruined) but Jude Law or no Jude Law, this little gem is well worth a visit! The staff were so friendly, I can easily say it was the best service we experienced all holiday. We had a set menu but, no matter, the Chef went out of his way to whip up a bespoke dish for Keith's little nephew - including some hand-cut crisps that were a winner all around! I didn't get any food snaps so just trust me when I say that the seafood is bloody delicious. And if the food and service doesn't win you over.. there is a cute little pond that flows around the back with turtles - turns out, they are quite the friendly little fella's!

As it was an early dinner, and still daylight, I feel like we didn't experience the true beauty of this converted house - the trickling wall fountain and fairy lights are sure to be a winning combo when the sun goes down. Never-mind, we had a show to get to!

Hola, Club Tropicana!

 The show was included as part of the Havana trip which we booked through our rep. Heads up for those of you with kids - they aren't allowed to watch the show (I soon understood why)..lets just say the boys had a great time! In this case you can pay 5CUC to the Cuban man outside to watch them whilst you're enjoying the show.. ok ok,  just kiddin' - you'll need this if you want to take photos during the show (totally not kiddin')
On arrival the guys got a cigar and us ladies received a flower (cute!) I, being me, decided it was a great picture opportunity to do the whole 'look at me I'm cute with a flower in my hair' look..
Yeah, turns out a girl trying to get a flower that's tangled in her hair isn't so cute after all. The good news is, we also got a bottle of rum on our table - now the party had really begun!

Luckily the rain held off (it was an open-air theatre) and we enjoyed a night jam-packed with crazy, bright outfits, energetic Latin dancing and singing. Granted, the songs weren't really to my taste but it was just a feel-good vibe all around! I'm sure one of the costumes involved a lamp shade as a headpiece.. as I said, crazy but entertaining. It was also handy to have table service throughout the show- it is 2 hours after all .. dangerous but handy!

This was our last night of the hols, waa, and it was definitely my favourite! What I would say is, if we were to go back to Havana, I would not get a tour guide. I'm not into the whole history thing (not sure if you've noticed?) and I'd just like the freedom to explore. I'd also go later in the year, turns out June isn't the best time for sunshine - lesson learnt!

Right, I'm gonna wrap this one up cos, well, Love Island. Thanks Cuba, it was a pleasure <3


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