Saturday, 6 January 2018

3 Unhealthy Habits To Leave Behind In 2O17

So 2018 has got off to a rocky start and, thanks to the flu, I haven't kick-started the year like I planned to! And, although I'm not one for the ole' 'New Year, New Me' fiasco, I have promised myself to leave some unhealthy habits behind in 2017 - laters ya'll!

No 1 - Following too many accounts that do NOT have a positive impact on myself
This is the best social media advice I could give myself (and to you guys) and I just wish I had done this sooner. I have started the process of sifting through my Instagram and un-following accounts that don't either a) give me motivation b) make me happy or c) post cute puppy photos (slight joke). Of course I'm not saying that I will un-follow every beautiful human being (there are just some VS models that deserve crushing over) but I do not need the majority of my feed to consist of them either. Balance is everything. So rather than 'I wish I looked like that' it is more of a case of  'Yass, I'm going to smash that workout later!' 

No 2 - Comparing myself to others
C'mon we are all guilty of this one! Ok, the chance of me leaving that behind in 2017 is pretty unrealistic.. However, I have promised myself to remember to *cheese alert* "admire someone elses beauty without questioning my own" . It is so easy in my job, on shoots and at castings, to look around and feel not good enough or inferior to other models around me. Again, on social media, it is easy to forget that you only see what they want you to see - their highlights, their best bits! Of course that is no judgement, we all do this, but it is about remembering that that's the reality of it and we shouldn't take it at face value.

"Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it's their time"

No 3 - Setting unrealistic body goals
Hands up who else screenshots absolute mega babes in their bikinis because we just have to look like them? C'mon we are all guilty of the 'inspo screenshot' - either that or I'm just some serious cyber weirdo (if this is the case then feel free to tell me later). Well anyway, there's nothing unhealthy with this if it gives you the positive mentality and motivation to lets say, smash your next workout or cook a nutritiously healthy dinner. But the reality is that this just isn't always the case.
Personally, I find myself desiring the bodies of beach babes with the perfect hour-glass figure.. a shape that my body will never, can never become. And instead of it motivating me, I'll stand in front of the mirror hating my body and the fact that I just ate 3 bags of popcorn.
Yes I can train my back to make my waist appear smaller in order to give the illusion of an hour-glass shape. But at the end of the day, you can only improve what you have - and for me that is just not that body shape. And I'm learning to be ok with that. Something that we all should do too!
We all come in different shapes and sizes and there's beauty in every one of them.
So for 2018 I am going to put my hard work and focus into making my body the best it can be. Let's work with what we got!

Here's to a great 2018!


Monday, 1 January 2018

Step Inside Winterville With Me

Happy New Year guys - woah, how quick has 2017 gone! If, like me, you are still clutching onto the festive holidays (I am so not ready to say goodbye to Christmas) then I hope you like this post on my recent trips (yes, it was so good I went twice) to Winterville.

I have been dying to show you this awesome place but got caught up in the festive mayhem so apologies for the lateness! But if, like me, your favourite things include Christmas, Cinema & food then be sure to pop this place on your list for next year. 

If you're not already convinced..

Reason 1: It's festive af.
I bloody love Christmas and I do all I can to squeeze as much festivity into December as I can. Everyone loves a bitta Winter Wonderland and, if they dont, my guess is that it is because it can get super busy - that or you are just a Scrooge. Well, fear no more. Winterville, being a lot smaller and having lesser of a reputation, is no where near as cramped but still boasts all the festive fun - ice rink, Plonk Golf and a roller disco just to name a few!

Reason 2: The food is uh-mazing!
No seriously, the first time I went I had this halloumi & chicken wrap *dribble* and I literally went on about it for about 2 weeks after.. I'll pop a photo below so you can see what the fuss is all about. Oh my god, don't get me started on the brownies.. h e a v e n! You have the choice of Chocolate Orange, Oreo, Salted Caramel & Nutella - the right choice being all of them, obviously. They also heat them up for you.. is there anything better than a warm chocolate brownie? And then there's the Hot Chocolate with marshmellow fluff from ChinChin - sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? Well it looks bloody darn good too.. which is why I couldn't help myself! Basically, everything else aside, you could just go for the food.. yeah, that good.

Reason 3: Backyard Cinema.
This for me was the sole reason for visiting Winterville in the first place. I love the cinema and had THE best time at their Miami Beach back in the summer. Basically, I'm now their #1 fan so it was a no-brainer when the tickets for The Winter Night Garden went on sale.
Just stepping into the cinema is an experience in itself, think Narnia meets enchanting forest! Naturally, once inside I went straight to the bar to stock up on snacks (plenty of popcorn) and couldn't resist their 'Gingertini' - a cocktail with a festive twist. Not only did it taste pretty darn good but you also keep the cute lil gingerbread man bottle - win win!
I have never felt quite as festive when watching a Christmas film as I did when watching Home Alone and Love Actually here - it really is a heart-warming and charming experience and I literally cannot recommend it enough. And, although Winterville has come to an end this year (booo), Backyard cinema still have their Snow Kingdom open to enjoy - with dates available up to March. I've got my tickets booked for Bridesmaids (one of THE best chickflicks ever) and I can't wait to see what magic this one brings!

Keep an eye out for my next Backyard Cinema blog post and let me know of your own experiences here or if you're planning to go!

Here's to more Backyard Cinema dates in 2018!


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