Sunday, 1 October 2017

Road Trip To Newquay (part 1)

There's no better way to open this post than a photo with a big, cheesy grin on my face - lots of Cornish fudge has that effect on me!
Hey peeps! So I am finally getting round to my Cornwall post - yay! Sorry for the delay, I've been mad busy but I am super excited to share this with you. There is way too much content to cram into one post .. most of which is food related because, I mean, what is more important? (Don't answer that, I don't wanna hear it!) What better way then to dedicate the entire first half of my Newquay road trip to my favourite little beach with my favourite little restuarant.. 

Ladies & Gents, I present you Lusty Glaze Beach Resort.

Oh and can I just point out that I had never been to Cornwall before.. blimey, you lot weren't exaggerating when you said it is beautiful! No, it wasn't peak summer season, but I think that made me love it even more. Think cosy fires, hot chocolates, Cornish fudge & pasties .. ah, take me back already!

I feel like I need to thank the guys of Wed Magazine for introducing me to this tranquil little hideaway. I was lucky enough to shoot their cover on this beach (the reason I traveled down in the first place) and, although it was blimmin' freezing, I had the best time and found my new favourite spot in England - yes, it really is that good! Ok Soph, enough with the chatting .. 

How cute and cosy is that? Right on its own private beach, it's not hard to see why this little spot won me over - and this was even before I realised that they have their own Hot Chocolate menu. Yep, that's right - a whole menu dedicated to hot chocolates, now that's my sorta place! So I went for the 'Sneaky' (it was a tough choice) which is melted milk chocolate with toffee nut syrup, topped with cream, chopped nuts and fudge - yasss! It really was THE best hot chocolate I think I have ever had. I have made it my own personal goal to tick off every one on the menu (not all in one day, of course). 

Now for the food - I went for the Seafood Linguine but, being a fussy mare, had my own sauce added as the usual one is made with chilli - yeah, I can't do spices! But oh my goddd, I remember saying that it is joint first with one of the dishes in Italy as the best pasta I have eaten - and those Italians know their pasta!
In my life dessert takes priority over dinner. Yes, I'm a sweet over savoury gal! On this occasion, the pasta was too good I couldn't resist cleaning the plate - leaving no room for dessert. A decision I still regret today. Ok, maybeeeeee I'm being a tad dramatic..*adds to list of Reasons To Go Back To Newquay.

I do love to walk off my food and what better way than a stroll down the beach! So we wrapped up warm, got our butts outside in the salty air and watched the sunset - this is one of my favourite things to do and has become a sort of tradition wherever we go!

So that was our first day, not bad eh! For part 2 expect more mouth-watering food and insane views.. coming soon!


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