Monday, 23 October 2017


Yeah, you guessed it - Pumpkin Picking! Have you guys been before? I love Autumn and the whole Halloween shindig so I made a promise to myself to get stuck in this year, and now I'm just left with one simple question - why haven't I done that before?

We may or may not have been the only adults without children (lol), but we had the best time and I've literally never felt so Autumn'y. Keith even got a workout in there - trust me, those pumpkins aren't light! Spoken by the wholly who tipped over the wheelbarrow trying to push it.. as I said, they are heavy - ok?

I had a quick google and found a few pumpkin farms online but was swayed by the food & drink (nothing new there) on offer at Pumpkin Moon. Being the last weekend before Halloween, we left it pretty fine so it was a surprise to find SO many pumpkins on offer. Queue the pumpkin spam..

(woahh, nearly a second time there)
So you don't need me to tell ya to wrap up warm, I mean it is England! But I will say, don't get too excited - which can be hard with kids picking up every pumpkin they see! Well, kids and over-excited 23 year-olds (oops). The point I am getting at is that they are a bit more pricey than your average supermarket pumpkin. Or just stick to the super cute baby ones. This is all advice that, of course, we chose not to follow and ended up buying the biggest one we could find. It was worth the £10.. or so I keep telling myself. 

So we ended up coming home with the biggun, two litle diddy ones (couldn't resist) and a grey. Grey pumpkin? I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure I let out a little squeal when I saw this bad boy. Yes, not the most traditional colour but it goes so nicely in my room - oh god, I really have gone pumpkin mad! 


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Road Trip To Newquay (Part 2)

(It's a long one. Snacks are recommended)
Hello hello! 
How's your day so far? I am currently sitting in my pj's suffering with a severe case of food-coma and I thought what better time to get writing part 2 of my recent trip to Cornwall!

After our delish dinner at Lusty Glaze (if you haven't read part 1.. then hold ya horses - it's called part 2 for a reason!) I was actually considering going back for breakfast. Somehow, I talked myself out of it because, well, we were only there for two days and I do love to explore and find new places! So off we went and, I'm not gonna lie, we were winging it. Driving around with no sense of direction whatsoever, on the hunt for somewhere that looked like a good breakfast spot. Ok, it gave me anxiety. Not to mention I was bloody starving - so out came good ole' Google. With 4.9 out of 5* reviews on TripAdvisor and boasting an all-day breakfast (it was definitely brunch by this point) was Cafe Cloud. 
I, of course, dived straight into something sweet! How cute is that little teacup though? The whole place was super sweet and cosy, I remember thinking 'mum would love it here' - she does love a good cuppa! The table next to us were having cream tea and it looked amazing (I couldn't help but glance over once or twice, 'food envy' comes to mind!) I, after much deliberation - maybe a little too much considering it was, after all, only a bit of breakie - went for the cheese, tomato and pesto croissant. Blimey, was it good! The croissants are freshly baked and you can honestly taste the difference.. I could have ate it twice it was that yummy. 

I couldn't stomach a slice of cake, although these too looked amazing. Thinking back now I should've got one to go - damn it! Oo, and it's also worth noting that they offer gluten free cakes and scones too! Definitely a must visit, whether its for breakfast, lunch or even just for something sweet.
We spent the next hour walking through the high street, in and out of Cornish pasty and fudge shops (there was no way I was leaving without some fudge for the journey home). And then we went on to the next beach. Forget bar crawl, try beach crawl! That's the best thing about Newquay, you can literally beach hop as they are only a short drive from each other. 

So lets talk Watergate Bay. This is definitely a close second to being my favourite beach that we visited during our time in Newquay. There's so much to do! Surf lessons, fitness classes and polo on the beach. Plus a Canadian hot tub on the terrace at The Watergate Bay hotel and 4 restaurants to choose from. That's not to mention the bonfires and live music on the beachfront - pretty cool huh! After a late breakfast, we weren't what I call 'dinner-hungry' so we popped into The Beach Hut for a drink. We managed to bag ourselves a table with a view - and what a view it was..

(and yes, it's dog friendly - can it get much better?)
I kept it down to just the one cocktail (anyone that knows me well will know why). Besides, alcohol and cliff edges .. yeah my thoughts exactly! So off we went exploring.

Two words: Bedruthan Steps. A MUST-SEE. The steps themselves are very steep but, trust me when I say, it is well worth the achy legs when you get to the bottom. Only accessible at low tide, think picture postcard coves, golden sands and unforgettable views. We were so taken aback by the beauty of it all - well, that and the fact that the tide was dangerously close and we were hopping  across rocks*, that I didn't capture it. So I leave you no choice but to go and see it for yourselves! You wont regret it.

If you don't fancy the stair workout, are disabled or have young children, don't worry - the views from up top are just as breathtaking. 

*disclaimer: don't try this at home (lol)

Lets wrap this up with our last supper! I managed to get a last minute reservation at The Boathouse, a fairy-lit seafood restaurant on the harbour. First things first, you do want to sit on the terrace. Good, I'm glad we got that covered! There's plenty of outdoor heaters to keep you warm and there is something so tranquil and romantic with being outside by the sea at candlelight (cor, look at me getting all mushy).

  Me and my boyfriend were seafood virgins. Ok, we both have had our fair share of fish 'n' chips, but no - I mean proper seafood. So we dived straight in and went for the Fruit De Mer - a sharing feast of Newquay lobster, brown crab, mussles and harbour catch cooked with shallots in a white wine, cream and parsley sauce. I told ya- we weren't messing around!

I personally don't enjoy picking apart my food (I prefer chicken off the bone and prawns post-beheading) but I couldn't be put off - it just tasted too good! Messy, yeah.. but good!

I thought I was all fish'ed out.. until I saw the dessert menu. What can I say? The hazelnut brownie was calling my name! #noregrets. It's safe to say that the fudge bought for the journey home lasted another day. 
So that's it folks, my first trip to Cornwall - and definitely not my last. I found it super challenging to condense this epic day into one blog post so apologies that it was a long one (I did warn ya).

If you do go to Newquay and try out any of these places, gimme a shout! It would be great to hear what you thought.



Sunday, 1 October 2017

Road Trip To Newquay (part 1)

There's no better way to open this post than a photo with a big, cheesy grin on my face - lots of Cornish fudge has that effect on me!
Hey peeps! So I am finally getting round to my Cornwall post - yay! Sorry for the delay, I've been mad busy but I am super excited to share this with you. There is way too much content to cram into one post .. most of which is food related because, I mean, what is more important? (Don't answer that, I don't wanna hear it!) What better way then to dedicate the entire first half of my Newquay road trip to my favourite little beach with my favourite little restuarant.. 

Ladies & Gents, I present you Lusty Glaze Beach Resort.

Oh and can I just point out that I had never been to Cornwall before.. blimey, you lot weren't exaggerating when you said it is beautiful! No, it wasn't peak summer season, but I think that made me love it even more. Think cosy fires, hot chocolates, Cornish fudge & pasties .. ah, take me back already!

I feel like I need to thank the guys of Wed Magazine for introducing me to this tranquil little hideaway. I was lucky enough to shoot their cover on this beach (the reason I traveled down in the first place) and, although it was blimmin' freezing, I had the best time and found my new favourite spot in England - yes, it really is that good! Ok Soph, enough with the chatting .. 

How cute and cosy is that? Right on its own private beach, it's not hard to see why this little spot won me over - and this was even before I realised that they have their own Hot Chocolate menu. Yep, that's right - a whole menu dedicated to hot chocolates, now that's my sorta place! So I went for the 'Sneaky' (it was a tough choice) which is melted milk chocolate with toffee nut syrup, topped with cream, chopped nuts and fudge - yasss! It really was THE best hot chocolate I think I have ever had. I have made it my own personal goal to tick off every one on the menu (not all in one day, of course). 

Now for the food - I went for the Seafood Linguine but, being a fussy mare, had my own sauce added as the usual one is made with chilli - yeah, I can't do spices! But oh my goddd, I remember saying that it is joint first with one of the dishes in Italy as the best pasta I have eaten - and those Italians know their pasta!
In my life dessert takes priority over dinner. Yes, I'm a sweet over savoury gal! On this occasion, the pasta was too good I couldn't resist cleaning the plate - leaving no room for dessert. A decision I still regret today. Ok, maybeeeeee I'm being a tad dramatic..*adds to list of Reasons To Go Back To Newquay.

I do love to walk off my food and what better way than a stroll down the beach! So we wrapped up warm, got our butts outside in the salty air and watched the sunset - this is one of my favourite things to do and has become a sort of tradition wherever we go!

So that was our first day, not bad eh! For part 2 expect more mouth-watering food and insane views.. coming soon!

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