Sunday, 17 September 2017

Autumn Strolls In Canterbury

(Autumn? You whattt! I know, where has the time gone?)

Hey everyone! How's your Sunday going? Mine is pretty great.. it's nearly 1pm and I am still in my pj's - I mean, what are Sunday's for? Well, let me take you back to last Sunday when I was being a lot less lazy and I was out 'n' about exploring Canterbury in all its glory. No, honestly, it is blimmin' beautiful and a perfect family day out (and by family I mean me, my boyfriend and my two dogs).
There was only one thing on our minds when we parked up - brunch (duh). And where better than The Skinny Kitchen? I went here for the first time in Ibiza and got serious food envy when my friend ordered the protein pancakes so there was no way I was making that mistake again! Queue mouth-watering food.. (it really was as good as it looks)

WARNING: It's a long one, you might wanna grab some snacks!

(Rodney was a fan too!)

So I went for the Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes (if you love peanut butter as much a me then look no further - these are ridic) and a Skinny Bunny smoothie - a blend of pineapple, mango, banana, spinach, lemongrass and coconut milk. And blimey, that was yummy an all! Keith, having less of a sweet tooth (it's not hard) dived straight into the Steaks & Eggs. For him, steak is a risky one as he is quite a tough critic but lets just say, we will be back! 

1. Brunch
2. Explore 
3. Dinner

I often visit Canterbury in the winter for their Christmas market (highly recommended) but it was the first time I had stumbled across Westgate Gardens and, oh my - how glad I am that we did. It really is bloomin' wonderful - (proud of that lil' pun right there). It was a perfect picturesque stroll with the dogs along the river and there is an impressive Victorian Tower House where you can stop off for a quick cuppa and cake - would've been rude not to! 

Now here's a closer look of my outfit for the day. Now I love summer as much as anyone but I actually think I love Autumn equally as much - especially the wardrobe that comes with it. Turtle necks, cosy knits and fluffy socks - need I say anymore?

Coat: French Connection | Jumper & Scarf: New Look | Jeans & Bag: Topshop | Boots: Asos

Now all that exploring left us feeling (yep, you guessed it) onto number 3! So we got back on the road and drove to the little village of Westbere, just 4 miles from Canterbury. Not only is it quaint and charming but has the oldest pub in Kent. *Puts her history hat on* Built in 1348, The Ye Olde Yew Tree Inn was used as a hospital to treat the wounded soldiers of the Civil War - pretty cool huh?

The inside is heavily beamed with a cosy feel but we sat outside in their beer garden (because of the doggies) and, although we were pekkish, we weren't hungry.. so we decided to go for the Mixed Antipasti Board to share. Turns out it was exactly what we needed before we headed home.
 *Note to self: come back here again for Sunday dinner (I reckon they do a mean roast)

Sunday, 3 September 2017

One Of The Best Things About Summer

You guessed it (or maybe you didn't) - Festivals!
(that cheesy grin says it all!)

So festival season is over *wipes tear from eye - but what a bloody good one it was! Where did you guys go? This year I only managed to get my ass to Lovebox (Chase and Status were insane) and V Fest (this has become an annual sort of thing). It's true, festivals for me are a must EVERY year.. I love live music and I literally have made the best memories from each and every one.

So lemme take you back to V.. blimey, two weeks today - where does the time go? I think I speak for every (ok, most) girls when I say that the first thing I think about after buying my ticket is 'what is our unreliable British summer saying?' straight into 'right, what am I going to wear?'. And this year I decided to go all out and get my makeup done because well, lets just say, makeup and hair are not my strengths.. I can't even plait - I will say no more. Queue the magicians at Smashbox who, because I was rushing around like a crazy person (late as always), even plaited my hair for me - they were literally life savers! And to top things off, there's a handy little glow-light in store for you to snap the perfect selfie of your makeover.. (it probably was a good thing I was running late).

Now lets talk outfits. I always think it's a good idea to take a jacket and my denim jacket is my go-to. The sun is shining? Tie it around your waist.  The rain starts? C'mon now, I'm not gonna answer that one for you! But if I'm honest, sometimes I don't even plan to wear it .. tying a jacket around your waist can break-up an outfit and give it that casual/dress-down look that I always love.
Now how cute is this polka/floral dress? Super easy wearing and tan lines aren't a problem too (although sadly this was not a concern on this particular cloudy day). Then there's my good ole' Doc Martens- a festival favourite! Perfect for our British "summer", these bad boys will see you through everything. Oo - one tip though, wear thick socks (you'll thank me later).
Jacket: New Look | Dress: Zara | Shoes: Doc Marten's | Sunnies: Topshop

So that's enough of the posey photos of me.. this day was a lot more than outfit photos - I really did have the best day with my boyfriend, best friend and her fella. Here's a snippet into that day (apologies for some of the blurry photos.. the vodka may have had something to do with that - #sorrynotsorry!)
What to do when Jay-Z is late on stage? Selfie - duh!
What was I saying about always taking a jacket? *smug face on

Verdict: Surprisingly good! Thanks Propercorn
We all have that one friend.. lol

And a huge thanks to this fella. I will make an insta-bf out of you yet (hehe)

So, there we have it! I can't wait for next years already. Scary thing is, I know I'll be blabbing on next year about how quick it has come around.. funny how life does that eh! Ok, enough of the pondering, I have so much to do - best get moving!
Have a great week everyone,

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