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The Only Place Ice Cream Is Acceptable For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Welcome to my first post! 

It's been a long time coming and I am so excited to start this journey with you guys! It only felt right to start by revisiting my recent city break to the breathtakingly beautiful Rome, Italy. Lets just say, if you haven't been already - add it to your bucket list! With my favourite food being ice cream, and my favourite cuisine being Italian - it didn't come as a surprise to me when I fell head over heels in love with this city. 

Think pimms, pasta & ice cream - well, you don't have to think, just feast your eyes on these.. 

sunglasses | 'Odin' by Quay
watch | Larsson & Jennings
(ok, the ice cream was half melted and mostly down my arm by this point- darn heat!)

And if that isn't enough, Rome isn't half bad to look at either. Ok ok, understatement of the year - it is beautiful. When we I wasn't stuffing my face with ice cream, we were strolling through hidden side streets, stumbling across breathtaking churches, statues and architecture.
It is true that it is a city best enjoyed while strolling - so girls, my top tip is *queue the mum voice* wear sensible shoes - as there is a hell of a lot of walking involved! It's funny I say 'girls' as Keith, my boyfriend, decided to wear new trainers and lets just say this now - BAD idea. So, guys, that advice goes to you too! And, trust me, walking is welcomed if you plan on eating your body weight in ice cream like I did!
Second tip - always have a bottle handy. It was super hot when we went in June (slightly uncomfortable now that I mention it - us Brits are never happy eh) but it was a godsend that there are fountains all over the city with drinking water that is perfectly safe for us tourists to drink! 

The first place on the map was none other than the Trevi Fountain - where Lizzie laid eyes on Paolo for the very first time (shout out to my fellow Lizzie McGuire fans). But seriously, ever since watching this film when I was about 10, I have been dying to go! And if you haven't seen this film, stop what you are doing right now. It's on Netflix - thank me later.
 Anyway, it's safe to say it did not disappoint. It actually exceeded my expectations and I ended up dragging Keith back there three times (it could've easily been more, he got off lightly). It literally took my breath away and I almost, very nearly let out a little happy tear. 
Be prepared though, it is super busy. Seflie sticks left, right and center! It was here that I made the decision to revisit the fountain early hours of the morning whilst the city slept. This was the best thing we done all trip and I would highly recommend it!

There is something about strolling through the star-lit streets with nothing but a light jacket and dining outside with the sound of buskers that just does it for me. And this is why The Trevi Fountain was my favourite at night. Yes, of course, insanely busy but it actually didn't matter. You are surrounded by candle-lit restaurants, ice cream parlors and street entertainment and the atmosphere is buzzing.

A close second favourite, no - that is a lie! It isn't even close, but it is Keiths' favourite. Yep, you guessed it- The Colosseum. It is humbling to be stood in front of something so grand and impressive. To think that over 40,000 people were killed here for entertainment is mind-blowing. I would hugely recommend paying for a tour guide - there is so much history to learn and you really do appreciate it all that much more. Another must-see!

It's no secret that Italy is famous for its divine food, so you can't really make the wrong choice when it comes to picking a restaurant. However, saying that, there are two in particular that stood out above the others that I want to share with you. 
The first we stumbled across one evening after we had already filled our bellies with grub, much to my disappointment. I promised myself that we would find it the next day - and that we did. It was so good that we then went back there again the next day. We actually spent the whole morning searching the streets of Rome to find it, that kinda good! 
 As soon as I saw the words organic, fresh and smoothies - I knew this was the place for me. Tucked away in a little side street and equipped with water spray fans (trust me, these were a mustwas Hosteria del Mercato.  
I went for the Ravioli stuffed with spinach and goats cheese and Keith had the Carbanara. I, of course, also dived straight into the juice bar- I love a good smoothie, me! Made from 100% fresh fruit, I went for the Exotic which was a blend of  Mango, Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Vanilla - mmm. We actually both loved our dishes so much we had the exact same the second time round, oh plus a dessert - of course. This I didn't snap, which can only mean one thing - it looked too good to wait to eat!

The second restaurant we stumbled across on our last day for breakfast. We had been struggling to find somewhere to eat as Keith, of course, was after a traditional English fry-up which was proving difficult to find. 
I only wish we had found this place sooner as, if the breakfast was anything to go by, the dinner would've been to die for. The service by the way was also THE best of the whole holiday. Tucked away in a tranquil back street was La Buvette.
 Yeah, I know I said breakfast and there's a brownie below but, cmon, there's no rules on holiday! Ps - it was deeeelish!

Keiths' full English with an Italian twist - cute right!

 There is something about the painter chillin' back reading the local Italian paper that makes me love this photo!

 Fast-forward 10 minutes, I was definitely on the drunk side..

So there we have it - another City ticked off the list, hooray!
Oh, and did I mention that we managed to overlook the Vatican City.. and by 'overlook' I mean we totally missed it. A country within Rome and we missed it - yeah, the joke is on us! Anyone that knows me won't be surprised - scatty is my middle name. I don't know about you but that sounds like a good excuse to go back!

Until next time, Rome!


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