Wednesday, 31 October 2018

No Tricks, Just Treats!

I've spent the last few days picking pumpkins, baking spooky treats, taking my baby niece to her first Halloween party (omg she looked so cute!) and at Fright Night Thorpe Park. So basically, I'M IN FULL HALLOWEEN SWING.. and I lavvvv it! Ngl, I swear I'm getting more obsessed as I'm getting older.. not sure that's the way it's mean to work (lol) but hey!
So, I dunno about you lot but for me Halloween is all about being home in front of a cosy fire, scary film on the TV and with plenty of snacks in reach. And, by 'scary', I mean Hocus Pocus cos it's the best film evaaa. Well this year I thought why not make some snacks that taste good AND help me hit my macros - Hello protein biscuits! So these babies are high in protein, low in sugar and are absolutely marvelous dipped in  melted dark choc or a peanut butter drizzle (recipe of this I'll pop in below!) - the choice is yours..

I must confess.. I didn't plan on decorating them with icing (hi sugar) but they really didn't have the full Halloween'y effect without it. My advice? Leave the icing and dunk into the peanut butter drizzle.. you won't be disappointed!
So together the entire mixture is:
712 calories
41g protein
17g sugar
For my Halloween biscuits this made 12 - but, as you can see, the shapes vary in size quite a bit. So I'd imagine it would make around 6 'uniform biscuits' *picturing Paul Hollywood rn and I really don't mind it one bit..

- 2 scoops of Protein (I used Free Soul Chocolate Vegan)
- 1 egg
- 1tbsp honey
- 4tbsp Peanut Butter (I use Pip & Nut)
- Pinch of sea salt
-1tbsp Coconut Oil (I use Vitacoco)
-50g Buckwheat Flour
-0.5 tsp Baking Powder

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C
2. Place all ingredients into a food processor and mix until they form a dough-like mixture
3. Grease a baking tray with coconut oil
4. Using your hands, take some of the mixture and roll into a small ball. Place on tray and press into a biscuit shape. (I used cookie-cutters here to create my desired Halloween-shapes)
5. Once all the mixture has been used, place tray into pre-heated oven.
6. Bake for 12-15minutes
7. Take them out and let them cool (the hardest part!)

- 1.5tbsp Peanut Butter
- 1.5tbsp Coconut Oil
-1tbsp Honey

1. Melt the coconut oil in a heated pan
2. Stir in the peanut butter and honey until a smooth drizzle is formed
Please let me know if you do give these a go..I always love seeing you guys trying my recipes :)



Friday, 14 September 2018

Freakin' Delish!

Hello you lovely lot! 
Your gal is back and this time with Grenade Freakshakes - yasss! Well, you know me, so these are a slightly healthier(..ish) take on these incred desserts. High in protein and low in sugar, these babies are the perfect sweet-treat to curb them sugar cravings! 

I decided to create a Choc Peanut flavour, based on my all-time fave Peanut Butter Grenade protein bar and a Mint flavour freakshake - with Grenade's Mint & Dark choc bar being another winner. I did a lil 'Choc Peanut V Mint' poll on my Insta story and the Choc Peanut came out on top - so without further ado...
.The Choc Peanut Freakshake - 

You will need:
- Grenade Peanut Butter protein bar
- Grenade chocolate protein spread *Jar-decor only* (ps- this is delishhh.. so get a spoon!)
- 1/2 frozen banana
- 2 Scoops Form Choc Peanut protein powder (or choc protein of your choice)
- 100g frozen cauliflower
- 1tsp peanut butter (I used Pip 'n' Nut)
- 200ml milk of your choice (I used semi-skimmed, due to its high protein properties)
- Chopped hazelnuts *Jar-decor only*
- Toppings of choice (I used strawberries & raspberries)

Step 1: Jar prep! Ok, not only does this make your freakshake look all the more dreamy, but it actually makes it taste better too - and gives you a lil choc mustache (hehe!) It's as easy as, spread the Grenade protein spread around the rim of the jar..
Step 2: Get sprinkling ya hazelnuts
Step 3: Place in the fridge for an hour to set - & voila!
Step 4: Time to make your actual Freakshake and it's basically the simplest method evaaa.. Place 1/2 the peanut butter protein bar in a blender with the ingredients listed above (excluding the protein spread and hazelnuts)
Step 5: We blend!
Step 6: Pour into your jar 
Step 7: Get creative with your toppings! I used a kebab skewer to stick out the rest of my protein bar *health & safety warning* - I stuck the stick straight through my hand  - lol. Only me! So.. be careful/less clumsy than moi! Also, in case you're wondering..I leave 1/2 of the protein bar out of the mix because, well, you know that feeling when you've finished your dessert and wish you could eat it all over again? (Just me, lol) Well.. this way, you finish your freakshake and (woo) you got half ya bar left to nibble on!

To the 27% of you that voted Mint.. here we go:

Mint Freakshake-
You will need:
- Grenade Mint Choc protein bar
- Grenade white choc protein spread *Jar-decor only*
- 1/2 avo
- 1/2 frozen banana
- handful of spinach
- 2 Scoops vanilla protein (I used Form Nutrition)
- 200ml milk of your choice (again, I used semi-skimmed)
-100g Greek Yogurt (I used Fage)
- 1/2 tsp Mint flavouring
- Sprinkles *Jar-decor only*
- Toppings of your choice

Step 1: As before (please read steps 1-3 from the Choc Peanut recipe) I did a lil jar-prep. This time I used Grenade's white choc spread (equally as delish as the milk chocolate.. don't ask me to pick a winner!) and sprinkles!
Step 2: Place 1/2 of the Mint choc bar in a blender with the ingredients listed above (excluding the protein spread and sprinkles) 
*Tip: Go easy on the mint flavouring, okkk! You can always add a lil extra if you really wanna go for that minty taste but you can't take it out once it's in ;) *
Step 3: Add your toppings! This time around I did a lil protein/marshmallow kebab combo and it was goodddd.

So there we have it :) 
Please lemme know if you do create one (or both) - I'd love to see your photos! And, even if you're not one for a Freakshake (lol, why are you even on this page?) deffo try the Grenade protein bars. They are THE perfect substitute for a chocolate bar or even just a delish, easy way to get in some extra protein when you're on the go! 

& for you babes that would like the macros - I got you..
*please note this includes the protein bar but not the toppings*
Choc Peanut: 609 CALORIES, 63G PROTEIN, 10G SUGAR, 51G CARBS, 21G FAT
Bon Appetit!


Sunday, 9 September 2018

Summer Style

Hiii guys! How are we all feeling about saying farewell to Summer? I actually love Autumn and am really excited for cosy nights-in, knitted jumpers and Halloween- who's with me?

But..before I can close the door officially on Summer - I thought I'd do a quick round-up of my fave looks that I wore throughout the season. Feel free to lemme know your fave :)

Let's get to it..

White Frills
Top: River Island | Skirt: Zara
I wore this little number out to dinner with the girls and received soo many lovely comments on it! The perfect day-to-night piece - I've worn it since with Mom jeans and boots!

 Leopard Vibes
Top: Topshop | Skirt: Topshop | Boots: Asos | Bag: Brandy EU | Belt: New Look
It's no secret that Leopard print is THE print of the season.. so you cant really go wrong with this skirt. Paired with a pink T & black boots and you're good to go!

Top: Brandy EU | Skirt: Zara
The skirt strikes again! Seriously, a denim skirt is a wardrobe staple that every girl needs! How cute is this T too? Super simple but the square-cut neck and rose embroidery gives it that extra sumin-sumin!

Dress: Asos

The perfect little summer dress! Super casual, comfy and easy.. who doesn't love a bitta sunflower-power? Well my mum did, so I bought her one too :)

 Polka Polka
Jumpsuit: Oasis | Jacket & Bag: Brandy EU
I LOVE this jumpsuit.. it's polka-dot, has pockets and a lil frilly bit at the top.. what more could you want? Oh and did I mention it's super comfy? Yeah.. it's a winner!

& It Was All Yellow

Dress: Topshop | Jacket: Brandy EU | Backpack: Skinny Dip

Pastel yellow & gingham.. Whatta combo! If I'm honest, it wasn't even this that won me over.. it was the lil tie-up back - cuteee!

Lady In Red

Dress: Pretty Little Thing | Jacket: Brandy EU

Ok, the secret is out.. I wear this over-sized denim with everything! Teamed with this floral number, you got a perfect bbq/date-day outfit. Heads up: it's a lil short.. so bowling/crazy golf or any activity that involves movement - best to avoid (lol)

Stripe A Pose
Blouse: Zara | Skirt: RI | Backpack: Fiorelli | Sunnies: Quay

Say Hello to denim skirt no.2! I got this blouse from Zara- style it out, tucked in or tied (like me) and voila! It also looks super cute with Mom jeans and sliders.. I got you!

& There we have it! So, go on.. what was your fave? All of these, especially the jumpsuit, can be transitioned into Autumn. Just swap the jacket for something heavier, pair with jeans and layer layer layer!

Well, I hope you spotted something that tickled ya fancy! I'll be back soon with an Autumn Haul on my Youtube channel - yeppp Youtube!! I finally, after months of saying it, whipped my ass into gear and my first video went live this week (wooo!) If you haven't already watched it, it's a lil Q&A with a bitta modelling, fitness, personal life anddd some other bits & bobs in there. I'll link it below so make sure you check it out! 



Thursday, 30 August 2018

Festival Style

Hiiii guys! How's everyones week so far? I'm still buzzing from SW4 last Sunday! If you follow me on Insta you might've seen Chase & Status's set on my story- how bloody awesome were they? I keep re-watching it, dancing around my room like a loony - does anyone else do this? Lol... ok, just me.
Anyway, I've since had so many messages on Insta about what I was wearing at both Rize & SW4 that I thought, hey, why not do a blog post for ya? And so here we are..

Let's kick this off with Rize..

You might be thinking, what the hell is Rize Fest? Well to me it's the new V Festival, it's also at Hylands Park in Chelmsford and it's the same sorta vibe! I was won over by the Saturday line-up of Stereophonics, who I had seen three times already (trust me when I say Dakota live is as epic every time), Sean 'da' Paul and Years & Years - not bad eh!

I didn't really have an outfit in mind as such but I knew I was after something comfortable and understated. Oh maa god, how hard it was to find something that wasn't head-to-toe in sequins, skin tight or with a very good possibility of a boob or/and bum slip! We got there in the end and I, thankfully, stumbled across this lil gem of a playsuit. Comfort Understated ✔ And the best part is.. it was in the sale - win!

(Playsuit: Revolve | Glitter mesh top & oversized denim: Brandy Melville | Bum-bag: Topshop | Boots: Dm's from Office)

I decided to layer it with this sparkly mesh long-sleeve top because a) sparkles! b)it comes down quite low and c) I thought it might get a bit nippy.. and paired it with my over-sized denim jacket, studded bumbag and dm's- & voila!
 So guys, the bad news is that the playsuit has gone out of stock </3 And I'm just as upset about it as you are because my mum shrunk mine in the wash - well done Julie! But the good news is, I've popped some similar ones at the bottom for you :)

Right, let's move this on to SW4..


Outfit-wise it was always going to be a little more tricky, due to the weather circumstances (F-YOU rain) .. And *with my Dad's voice in my head* I knew that if I didn't consider this, I would end up cold and wet pretty quickly.. drunk or sober, that's not fun! 
So let's talk weather essentials. First and foremost, a waterproof jacket WITH HOOD. Somehow, out of alll my jackets, none met this criteria (how?) Queue last minute panic shop! Luckily, I found one.. well 5 actually - oops (lol, you see what I mean now when I said 'panic shop') ., but opted for this lil khaki number from Zara. It's a bargain at £25.99 and also comes in black..Waterproof jacket ✔ Secondly, and just as important, is footwear.. for me that was easy - my trusty dm's. Can I just say that I saw a girl in flip-flops.. lol, what was you thinking hun? Dm's or wellies were all I considered. RIP to all those white converse (and there were a few!)..

Now the boring stuff is outta the way, let's get down to business :) So, as I went for the 'all black errthangg' look for Rize, I thought let's add a bitta colour and sequins this time around. 
The skirt was from good ole' Topshop, dressed down with an Urban Renewal T from U/O. I must admit.. it's not the comfiest skirt to sit in (the sequins can be a little irritating) but we didn't do a lot of sitting soo it wasn't an issue but maybe one to consider. I also, again, took my little handy bum-bag. Girls, once you're over that feeling that you've left something behind, not having a bag over your shoulder all day is the best feeling everrr. Plus, it's a lot easy to bust out them shapes - wheyy!
(Top: U/O | Jacket: Zara | Skirt & bum-bag: Topshop | Boots: Dm's from Office)

So I can smugly say that the rain did not ruin my time at SW4 - Yay! Partly because I stayed dry (shoutout to my Zara raincoat for that) but mostly because I LOVE CRAID DAVID #FanGirl.. and Chase & Status were bloody awesome! 

So disappointing that the festival season is now over (boo!) But here's to next years..

SJ x

PS- Here's those similar playsuits out there atm that I promised ya.. (the last one is my fave!)
 H&M: £14.99
Misguided: £25
 Asos: £15 (sale)
PLT: £12 
PLT: £15


Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Easy-Peasy Protein Pancakes

Ta-daaa, my first ever recipe post on the blog! 
Disclaimer: I'm no Gordon Ramsey so expect simple and easy recipes that may not look pretty on the eye (I'm working on that part) but will taste bloody good and are healthy...ish! Up until about a year ago, if I was cooking you dinner you could expect nothing other than pasta with sauce from a jar or beans on toast - lol. Since having health issues with my digestion/bowels and bla bla (the list goes on) I have become more passionate about my fitness and health and, in turn, have got stuck-in in the kitchen. Now I really enjoy cooking from scratch and baking yummy treats - so here we are! 

I thought I'd kick things off with my Protein Pancakes recipe because A) who doesn't love pancakes? and B) It's literally the simplest recipe, like ever. I usually have these as a dessert when I'm craving something sweet so the portion size is quite small (the recipe makes two pancakes). So if you were to have these as a meal for say, breakfast, I would adjust the recipe by adding extra ingredients like oats to keep you fuller for longer - I'll do a breakfast pancake recipe later! 

You will need: 1 Egg, 1 Banana, Coconut Oil & 2 Scoops Protein (I use Form Nutrition)

1. Blend all ingredients until you get a smooth consistency with no lumps
2. Heat a teaspoon of coconut oil over medium heat in a pan
3. Pour the mixture into the heated pan, creating two equal sized pancakes
4. Cook one side until the top becomes to bubble, then flip
5. Cook until nice and brown

& voila - I did say it was easy!

Now for the fun part, toppings! For mine I added some strawberries, frozen berries, peanut butter, desiccated coconut, sunflower seeds and a drizzle of Sweet Freedom's liquid chocolate..YUM!

You can also switch up the flavour of the protein powder. Here I made two pancakes using Form's Choc Peanut flavour & the other two with Vanilla. I've gotta say, it's a toughy to pick my fave but my no.1 food critic (aka Mum) reckons the chocolate was the winner! 

Have a go and lemme know what you think!

Ps - for those tracking their macros - here's the nutritional info for one portion (2 pancakes) with no toppings. Please be mindful that these will vary depending on which protein powder you use.

FAT: 15G

Happy pancake making! :)



Sunday, 29 July 2018

Sustainable Style With Adrenna

Happy Sunday lovelies! 
I'm currently tucked up in bed, windows open, listening to the rain and breathing in the fresh smell that accompanies it - my idea of a perfect morning set-up. Well, without the breakfast in bed..does anyone fancy delivering me pancakes? 
So yeah, that rain smell that I loveeee.. I googled it - it's a thing (I'm not crazy) -  "Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil." See! I actually welcome the rain right now, mainly because my plans today are to do sweet fa, BUT if it could kindly piss off for Thursday (I'm going to Thorpe Park) that would be most lovely.

So anyway.. who else loves my power-ranger'esque two-piece? As a kid I always wanted to be the pink one (lol, was this just me?) thank you Adrenna for making my childhood dreams a reality. Ok, so I'm not quite a superhero *adult reality hits* but when you're wearing something that looks good and sustainable - you can at least pretend for a second or two! 

That's right, although it may look pink, this lil outfit is in fact completely green! As well as being environmentally conscious without sacrificing style, each piece is made-to-order using quality fabrics from Italy. 

You can also have a say in your own design, just choose your colour combo and features and voila! I went for the Fuchsia, having nothing like it already and well, it was a no-brainer to add pockets in the leggings - super handy for your phone. I've also got my eye on the black set.. you can never have enough black in your wardrobe! 

If I'm being completely honest with you guys, I am and always have been a 'shopaholic'! I had never spared a single thought to the effect the retail industry has on the world. So when I did, it really surprised me to learn that the mass-production of clothes makes this industry the second most polluting, after oil. Adrenna tackle this ordeal with their made-to-order concept, ensuring that no waste is produced and preventing mass-production.  They also use non-toxic dyes in and produce locally to minimise carbon emissions. For any more info on Adrenna and their work towards sustainability, including a peak at their collection, click here.

If, like me, you find the whole sustainability idea slightly overwhelming (I wouldn't even know where to start!) One of my closest friends (Hey Zar! is a Sustainability Consultant - sounds pretty fancy eh - and she has given me 5 tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle: 

1. Find your cause
As there are so many environmental and social issues to be aware of and we can’t always address them all, figure out which are most important to you. You can then support the companies that address the causes closest to your heart.

2. Do your research
When there’s a piece you want to purchase, research options with a lower environmental footprint or a positive impact of the people throughout the supply chain. 

If waste is your cause, seek a product made from waste materials, one that can be recycled or reused after your use or one made-to-order like Adrenna to minimise production waste. If it’s employment conditions, look for a company that is transparent about its operations and how employees are treated. 

3. Think long-term
When shopping, think about whether the piece you’re contemplating will last you through time and trend. Is this high quality? Do you want it just because it’s “in” right now? Will you still want to wear it in 6 months time? Follow Livia Firth’s #30wears rule for fashion and ask yourself would you wear it at least 30 times. If not, put it back on the rack...

4. Share,  swap and rent
Save storage space at home and share, swap or rent, from fashion to furniture. If it’s something you won’t need on a daily basis, like an occasion dress or a lawn mower, figure out whether it’s something you can borrow from friends, family or neighbours. This will save you space and money, plus it’s provides a perfect opportunity to keep connected with the people around you. 

5. Carry reusables

Avoid single-use carriers and bring tote bags, water bottles*, coffee cups and so on with you in your bag. These simple and easy actions reduce your environmental footprint and save you money too!

*I am on the hunt for a reusable replacement to my plastic bottle (seen in the shots) as we speak.. :)

Now, I can't promise that I will stop buying clothes.. lets be realistic! But, I can say that I will be more mindful about who I am buying from and whether I NEED the item or if its just an impulse buy. Small steps lead to big changes, after all - (ok, I may have completely made that up but hey, it sounds pretty good!)

Anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling now .. aka, Love Island is starting :D
 But whether you're into wearing sustainable clothing and buying from conscious brands, or simply love to feel good whilst working out - have a little look Adrenna's way!


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